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会泽宣传网顶针切断机Chang-an, a plow on, in a lot of people are curious eyes, erected a building up to three zhangs, in a couple of craftsmen, under the command of the faces huge canvas was fixed in the relation of cross bar, as the canvas, driven by wind, slowly turn, drives the inside of the bearing, the voice of the machine including friction, sounds a bit harsh."Committed to victory, wen far and pound, can, just now pound injury, poor in line, and presided over by wen far west cool, military and civilian interim west cool secretariat, meng is after fubo generals, today was sealed up for general fubo meng, assisted with ma dai wen far governance west cool, I leave eighty thousand wasteland, cool place in west counties." Lv bu will have been ready to print the tattoo to zhang liao road."Any girl you like, tell me, I'll get it for you if it's a gun!" Patting the shoulder of the magnificent sea, lv bu laughed.

The gloomy sky covered with dark clouds, with a damp wind blowing across the vast hetao grassland, lv bu's heart raised a shadow."Yo ~"会泽宣传网"Is qin hu that gang of people?" After kicking a few feet, gas shun not a few, each king of tu yi buttock sits on the chair, twist a head to ask.

会泽宣传网"Master is wrong." Lu lingqi said with a smile: "the little woman never promised Mr. What.""Father didn't say... "Lu lingqi looked at lu bu in surprise.Shaking his head, li ru said, "the enemy of chang 'an can take care of itself. The general's responsibility is to attack yuan shao's invading army. We just need to wait for the signal from chang 'an."

Lv bu camp, a just built up on the battle, lv bu hand built arbor, carefully looked at the huns methodical beginning of the village, tens of thousands of people in the surrounding patrol, directly put out the mind of sneak attack, that way, is equivalent to the direct war, hard consumption of troops, lv bu can not afford to spend.The beginning of the battle of guandu was half a year earlier than the battle of guandu in lv bu's memory."Congratulations to the host, who has been upgraded to the five-star level of physical fitness and acquired the talent of physical fitness -- body gyi."会泽宣传网





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