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鹰视蓝调酷眼欧时力女装折扣店D twisted his head, looked at the fainted Ma Tie, body of the kill more concentrated a few minutes, but he held back, a wave of his hand, gritted his teeth and said: "withdraw!"Lyu3 bu4 looked at the giffin, smiled and said, "Mr. Mild.""Sir Gao Yi, lyu3 bu4 admire." Lyu3 bu4 smell speech, awe-inspiring way.

"Why?""Xilv ~"Santa fell stable, hurriedly to hide aside, to avoid being trampled to death by the horses that followed, at the same time hurriedly to their horses, miss this kind of thing, unexpectedly happened to themselves, this kind of luck, also too bad.鹰视蓝调酷眼"Lu Xiong saw the god day general!" The general is a qiang warrior, although Korea hence subordinates, but the horse father and son in qiang people prestige is quite high, especially d, when he was young with knife to kill, when he was a teenager has vertical and horizontal battlefield, to now, in the qiang people's prestige, hidden has covered his father marten potential.

鹰视蓝调酷眼Lyu3 bu4 looked back, looked at Chen Gong, Zhang Xiu swept over, finally fell on the giffin, sink a track: "Although this plan is good, but it takes a long time, although can retreat the enemy, but can't hurt its muscles and bones, but our army, after this war, casualties will be heavy."Just a moment, two people will meet more than twenty, larocca face slightly heavy, this d, seems to be a lot stronger, regardless of speed or strength, larocca have a sense of unable to keep up.Account people smell speech, can't help but draw a mouthful of air conditioning, lyu3 bu4 military forces add up now, also less than half of the others, of course, this can't include those just established township yong, more importantly, lyu3 bu4 is now under infantry, cavalry less than two thousand.

"Oh?" Seibel smell speech eyes a bright, before I felt that the scribe in the crowd, don't want to have such a head, at the moment, is to see zhong yao surrounded by a few soldiers, unexpectedly has almost reached the other side, seibel and wei yan face can not help but change, seibel harsh voice: "quickly solve the battle!"Lyu3 bu4 narrowed his eyes slightly, looked at the giffin's eyes, with a few minutes of exploration, for Addis disrespectful address didn't care much, although in theory, giffin is his subordinates, but in fact is no different from the prisoner, a day before no real return to heart, don't want to get what respect here."Two generals just in time, tonight is to help me break jun." Wei smiled.鹰视蓝调酷眼




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