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纯金贵公子|雷泰涂胶"Stop the chase and round up the paratroopers!" Zhang liao immediately looked at han sui fled, did not immediately chase, but ordered to start to collect the troops, at the same time sent to burn when the camp to appease the burning when the crowd."Wow ~"A group of women standing twittering discussion to the children in the future will be like who more, lyu3 bu4 and sable cicada are people actually longfeng, lu bu is not a world a handsome boy, but is also the masculine handsome type, as for the sable cicada, can be become famous in the history of Chinese one of four big beautiful women, naturally don't need to say more, according to the genetics, where the children will be less than two life.

Ma Zhan step, wars or even may be in the future to study the south war, the troops, lyu3 bu4 is to be used as the special training, is working with from the camp to provide the most advanced weapons, armor, is also one of the most abundant food to eat, took as its generals in the field, at the beginning of the established in the force, marotta to persuade the lyu3 bu4 to abandon this idea, ever give lyu3 bu4 calculate a bill, spend the money of five hundred people, if used to armed troops, can organize a five thousand elite.Standing in the perspective of the onlooker, cao cao's face is really not too big."Thank you, Lord." "Samba exclaimed.纯金贵公子|Rui son, liu yun is the personal maidservant, open the princess, married when only a handmaid, to see that her situation is not so good in xuchang, cao cao is not to embarrass a woman, for no reason caused opponents of engines for oneself, but cannot afford to cao cao his now expense of the state, some unnecessary spending is certainly can save a province.

纯金贵公子|Lyu3 bu4 this period of time, almost all is taking the city guard to rescue in various places, Chen gong et al also began to allocate some materials to appease the people, should be happy atmosphere, also be so diluted a lot, the people's mind is reduced, almost inevitable.Some pleasantly surprised to see lv bu, praise way: "the Lord this turn over a whimsical idea, enough to make our army's cavalry combat effectiveness promotion number plan!"

< / p > < p > lu bu received the letter from lu lingqi, has been the occupation of lu lingqi ten days later, that is responsible for the delivery of a circle of female soldiers, came to the general's house, is dying.< / p > < p > the original day lu bu broke the huns news back to chang 'an, chang 'an heart heartened, but also caused the dissatisfaction of lu lingqi, especially know in the battle, lu bu side also more than a woman, the heart for lu bu but not with their own quite angry.Later lyu3 bu4 return, want to choose the guard that ride general mansion, lyu3 ling3 qi4 thick face want to join, but drive back by lyu3 bu4 diao cicada side, then lyu3 bu4 then take a horse to go out of the city, outside the city break camp, come training soldier, and come crafty camp have a lot of things to belong to a secret, build in the barracks also convenient keep secret.Just the truth is this truth, but the other party but jingzhou tongbing commander CAI MAO's close nephew, nature can not be so simple even.纯金贵公子|




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