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兼职招聘58同城|00 02 02A cold arrow pierced Matthew's body mercilessly."General Bo Zhan, bother you with one thousand cavalry, if there is a change, we can also start and end!" Looking at d hurried away, pound sighed, turned his head to Ma Dai way.Although there are twenty thousand candidates, But I didn't expect to meet the enemy here, line pull is very long, plus candidate was lyu3 bu4 killed in the first time, the whole army in a flash of chaos, was lyu3 bu4 with men back and forth conflict, less than a wick sweet kung fu, twenty thousand troops were lyu3 bu4 killed scattered, yan into a rout was twisted back.

The country shook his head and said, "It's just not good to placate him. Lyu3 bu4, the people of Nanyang and Hanoi, will become a great danger in time. In the name of the Son of Heaven, the tetrarch can draw up an imperial edict to seal off the warrior general Yan Shengzuo Feng Yi as satrap, and Zhang Liao as satrap of Jincheng."Marotta smell speech, His face finally chan, It was indeed his dream all along, He was born in a poor family, the road to early school can be said to have experienced ups and downs, in order to be able to study, had to bear the so-called celebrities strange, disdain for the eyes, originally learned, ask themselves not to lose the so-called celebrities, alone to luoyang, get, but it is the ridicule of the scholars, also at that time, met the original and not ambition of dong zhuo."General Meng Qi was so brave that he opened my eyes." Linjing, after an overnight rectification, Early the next morning, Marotta and d meet, For d rash forward didn't mention a word, From the result, although the damage is heavy, but last night d's record is quite amazing, with, burn when, two camps are almost destroyed by d a person, plus d at that time crazy, really frightened many people, after zhang embroidery, ma dai can smoothly fall, all thanks to d deterrence at that time, make these lives without the slightest resistance.兼职招聘58同城|"Whew! Whew!"

兼职招聘58同城|Lyu3 bu4 looked at the giffin, smiled and said, "Mr. Mild."Cao cao and others smell speech, shook his head, this can never, liu bang was clearly said that there will never be a king of different names, now they meet fengtianzi, if sealed the baron, equal to his face, at least before cao cao became the overlord of the north, the baron of different names must not appear."If Liu Bei, Sun Ce, perhaps useless, but lyu3 bu4 …" Zhong Yao sneered: "A man, brave and unresourceful people, this meter is enough."

"Tonight you will take a thousand men to guard the camp, and the other three thousand will follow me to receive Wei Yen-suo." Zhong yao flatly way."The general waited until he was angry." Coppage smiled and said, "I know the general loyalty, would rather die than surrender, but if the general died, liu bei's two wives became tsao gong captive, even if tsao gong not embarrassed, but also will not have much care, in the future to xuchang, two wives alone, general have thought about the situation of the two wives in the future?""Han Sui old dog, also don't bring the head!" D a gun will be three qiang fling away, flushed back, red eyes fell on Korea hence, all over the body more furious, suddenly sent out a thunderous roar, sit down like a whirlwind toward this side.兼职招聘58同城|




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