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5613小哥可卡|东莞黄页网All smell speech can not help but suddenly."Of course I know that, otherwise, with the ability of old male, now how should also mix a big future when. Lyu3 bu4 nodded, some helpless way, the goods was he spent a great deal of cost to cultivate, with intelligence closely related to the spirit only a little longer, let lyu3 bu4 also helpless."Well done, clever enough!" Lyu3 bu4 le turned his horse's head, turned his head to look at the side of the upright when, just that is the guy shouted, let begging fu tribal scenes completely out of control.

"Really?" Xiongkuo sea scratched his head: "master, why don't we go hunting, distracted."The military forces in all directions have been buzzing up, zhang he brought the main escape, plus d soldiers will be fierce, if not zhang he before with QinWei block, these military forces had been routed, now zhang he fled, plus many people also found mayi fire, which also have the mind to fight again, kneel down, please.Originally, xu togeher is not too proud of cao cao, otherwise also won't choose to take effect lombardi, but unconsciously, cao cao with the emperor to make governors, but has quietly reached enough with lombardi, this makes xu togeher is very bad taste, especially when blocked by xu chu, the in the mind is furious.5613小哥可卡|Jiang xu didn't say again, promote the legal system, from jiang xu to lyu3 bu4, this is not the first time to talk about, but not once, like this time so in-depth.

5613小哥可卡|But time changes, as lyu3 bu4 swept the grasslands, stirring up civil strife in xianbei, buried two hundred and fifty thousand main xianbei, to now, no one dare to describe lyu3 bu4 with these four words, if lyu3 bu4 close to, with his reputation in the north now plus lyu3 bu4 bing identity, for Yuan Shaojun, that is a real disaster.Even if they know they are unbeatable, they should go far away, or seek refuge from other big tribes. Few people dare to take a big tribe's lair with 500 people like Temuzhen, and they have succeeded!Ninety thousand troops, mighty from the king's court, stood on the cliff, dense army, like a tide of ants swept across the grassland under the mountain, like a black flood, swept away to the distance.

"Roar ~""Strategist, Ma Dai 's martial art is mediocre, and I' ll be able to take his head before he 's ten. Why do you call him a gold medal?" Zhang he went back to the wall, looking at falling in grant discontented way.Zhang he frowned and said, "strategist, is it too hasty to judge only by the stars?"5613小哥可卡|




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