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跟我斗你死定了2|喷立挺Zu's strategic vision is no problem, but he spent many years in the western regions, and now he has returned to the central plains. His understanding of the world is still limited to five years ago."What are you trying to say? Zhang lu turned his head and looked at Yang song sensibly. The icy look made Yang song take two steps back unconsciously."Oh?" Zhang liao smell words, turned his head to see the past, is to see liu ye was two soldiers marched up, although some embarrassed, but face with a light calm.

"Lord, calm down! Xun yu stood up and bowed down to cao cao, saying, "lu bu's letter is obviously intended to provoke the Lord."In xiangyang city, in the face of radiate a dangerous breath CAI, pretending that there is no dare to reply, obediently follow the arrangement of the CAI, one day, has been in a dozen places, pretending to be sure, CAI what must have been found, heart trouble, the more urgent, but is home kuai remained silent and seemed to fade out the decision-makers of xiangyang, very upset, and even pretending very not easy to find a chance to meet, but it was rejected."MAO ~"跟我斗你死定了2|"Well, I don't know how duke pound would feel if he knew you were so wicked." Wei yan sneered.

跟我斗你死定了2|What is not necessarily bad, but hope to restore Confucianism dominance status of Confucian, not after all have accustomed to the exalted position of Confucian, it is difficult to accept this fierce competition environment, can like zheng xuan so through the nature of things, and ambitious people say it is not much, zheng xuan in, can suppress, guide, but now zheng xuan's death urgently restore his position on the one hand, on the other hand is also feel the sense of crisis, after all, zheng xuan, represents the Confucian banner fell down."What the hell? And hold back the warlords?" Ma tie is incredible.Pay and harvest inequality, even if the final hit your frost, it is also helped lanzhan mother and son, but for lu bu, there is no benefit, but human and material resources consumption countless, and the interests of lu bu absolutely not.

"Must be quick! Zhuge liang looked at liu bei very seriously and said, "now there are not only jiangdong tigers in the side, but also cao cao and lu bu coveting cao cao for a long time. Although lu bu and cao cao are holding each other down, if the sun family intervenes at this time, the war will go on, and jingzhou will become a place for the princes to fight for!""Always try." Xia houyuan nodded, and on the table, someone had drawn the current pattern of ye city in front of xia houyuan.The nighthawk turned and looked at shia, his eyes cold, a wave, two short arrows have been shot shia's key.跟我斗你死定了2|




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