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loward的日志朱鎔基|疯狂斗地主3代"Kongming, you're not kind, I came with sincerity, but you brought so many people." Pang tong shaking his head sighed, looking at zhuge liang some despise way.Stay back, only to find that PianJiang was at least a dozen arrows through the body nailed to the ground, and look around, their own dry QinWei also poured a piece, not bitter, hurriedly waved to his men to send a signal, let the other side of the troops from behind the enemy.Ma Su was carried by the crowd don't know where to run, just at the moment, but a blank in the mind, until now, he also don't know exactly where the problem is.

Guan Yu looked at tardif, his eyes narrowed slightly, was about to answer, but a PianJiang Chen has been clapping and dancing gun, snapped: "how to kill chickens with a bull's knife, general stay a moment, at the end of the will capture the man's head..."For tracing the cause, guan yu nature know, before sun liu, also had a honeymoon period, in guan yu's view, tracing the cause has no experience with troops, a command so big a battle, that is not to find death is what, so also didn't mind, let Xing Daorong continue to revise the wall for war, sleep in the past.Sun Quan smell speech, Painfully closed his eyes, liu bei to attack, cao cao again in LuJiang LiMa LiBing, wanted to land the first world war with guan yu, not necessarily without a chance of victory, but at the moment, with cao cao, danyang fifty thousand military forces will not be able to move lightly, but in this way, under the two sides of the attack, the force is insufficient jiangdong, how to withstand the double pressure from cao cao cao and liu bei?loward的日志朱鎔基|"Time." Zhuge Liang looked at Zhang Fei and said, "We can't afford to spend time with them. If we can't conquer Shu as soon as possible, it will take a long time. Jingxiang may change at any time."

loward的日志朱鎔基|The order was passed on, Soldiers of the armed forces tightened the string also finally relaxed, The next morning, in lu su whole equipment station, ready to meet guan yu's new round of attack, opposite the camp is quiet, there is no sign of troops, sent scouts to check, guan yu camp is not empty camp, even smoke is rising as usual, methodical fire cooking, no offensive meaning.However, the Central Plains are different from other regions, the city, the terrain and the generals' quality and resilience were much better than those of the fragmented Hu tribes outside the region, Five creek pretty that leader although it seems to have no brains, but behind the zhuge liang but even pang tong to be vigilant characters, like today is a strange, if not wei yan with meter shoot sand mo ke, even if finally won, I'm afraid the loss is much greater than now.See token, Cheng Fang can not help but a surprised, want to make a sound, but was stopped by the other side with gestures.

"General, do you still play this song?" Xing Daorong looked at the reorganized troops, worried to look at guan yu."Boom ~" "Poof ~""Your majesty, lyu3 bu4 once king, the son of heaven prestige, han majesty will no longer exist!" Kong Rong knelt on his knees and said in an astringent voice, "Your Majesty, please order your troops to crusade against Lu Bu and restore the majesty of the Han Dynasty."loward的日志朱鎔基|




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