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六宫 月揽香cjdao"This...... "A group of generals looked at by some dumbfounded, the beginning is liu DHS mobilize emotions, but calm down and think, now is not, although LangZhong side had hay, but it is hard to support how long, and LangZhong although not far from chengdu, but the tough road, don't look at liu DHS is coming a few days, it may be one person but also ride a horse, if the hundreds of army to drive to chengdu, even if all the way well, there are no two months is impossible in the past, let alone two months, army marching, now of LangZhong supplies even one, I'm afraidHe sighed and looked at zhang ren and gave him a slight salute. "general zhang," he said, "I'm not disloyal These a few days, wronged general, when I break through chengdu, to general again! Pull down, good health care, must not neglect."Although liu DHS itself is not wrong, this matter, he is also a victim, the meaning of the original provisions are also does not blame, but learned from pang tong liu DHS to lu bu is inconsistent, plus the shu zhong xin, this time, if liu DHS stood up against is hit from the south or the jingzhou, liu DHS in shu master connections to many, if, by the person when the time comes for them, it is a great misfortune, now let him to commit suicide, but also can save a lot of trouble, and there is no need to worry about that

"I'm trying to save the general." 'said monda, shaking her head."But does justice have a plan to teach me?" < / p > < p > liu zhang saw huang quan out, complexion is not a happy, although he had done before huang quan, but huang quan has been a loyal servant in shu, should...... About...... You'll help yourself out."Much talk! Meng da cast a cold glance at the bodyguard, checked his words, looked in the direction from which he had left, and smiled coldly六宫 月揽香"Yes, although this man is old, but regardless of the martial arts and tactics, looking across the middle of shu, only general zhang ren can be an enemy?" Deng xian nodded.

六宫 月揽香"Mr. Pang has misunderstood. This is a remark made by a member of our own family. We have nothing to do with it After a moment's silence, one of the generals suddenly stood up, smiled, and came to pang tong's sideWhen they came to the camp with vigilance, they were still surprised when they saw the bodies lying on the ground in various positions in a circle outside the house where wang Yin was originally stored. It was not because of the dead, but because all the people confirmed that none of the four hundred people left in the camp was alive.Sun quan did not even dare to think further. From then on, sun quan was even more afraid of zhou yu than his younger brother, sun yi, because he could control the military and political affairs of jiangdong.

"Mr. Pang, it's not that I don't understand." A general of shu said with a bitter smile, "this is only the policy of hou, the champion. ""Swish ~"六宫 月揽香




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