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一台捷达一个兄弟|上海水表厂"It's the Huns. The Huns are coming!" Someone recognized the huns dress, the whole tribe in the face of the huns sudden impact, panic ran around, a moment into a mess.When Chen Xing arrived at Meng Jin, but see Meng Jincheng wall, only a few foot soldiers, see Chen Xing and others came, a catalogue of panic.Changan academy those who were lyu3 bu4 from the civil selection, sent to further education, next February will learn to full official, but now, has been carved up.

"Ask him in." Daxi raised his eyelids and nodded.If xianbei high-level is so, that's good."Rumble ~"一台捷达一个兄弟|Xianbei court, when wule with nearly twenty thousand troops, mighty arrived at the king's court, kui head almost can't believe his eyes.

一台捷达一个兄弟|"And one more thing." Lyu3 bu4 looked at some nervous ginger xu, "We don't lack money, now that the Western Regions have been opened up, the Silk Road has been reopened, a large number of traders from the Western Regions, I'm afraid the benefits Bo Yi can't imagine, the future official's salary will rise, punishment will also increase, in the future as an official side, also remember, you are my door out of the people, the ability not to say, but this is a taboo, once there, heavy punishment!""But Daxi's army is almost twice as strong as ours. How can he be an opponent?" Qui-tou said with a wry smile.Lyu3 bu4 helplessly sighed, but the idea is a good wish after all, the fact is just the opposite, in addition to the kui head of the nominal xianbei ruler, the prairie princes, all have strong aggression and ambition.

Think of the scale of eighteen governors, lyu3 bu4 is now able to understand why dong zhuo dare to fight with the governors of the world.Luoyang, the dilapidated imperial city with the soldiers gradually transferred to the east and west in recent years, the dilapidated emperor gradually recovered a few points of vitality, that year a chaos, after all because of the hurry to go, there are still a lot of missed people.Is thinking, a scream suddenly sounded, step root turned his head, but see when, suddenly sprang out of the tribe in all directions countless military forces, step root under the soldiers caught off guard, was killed by these people caught off guard, the whole tribe suddenly fell into chaos.一台捷达一个兄弟|




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