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杨添茸胸围|藏密双宝Shocked, looked at lyu3 bu4's eyes hostility also gradually dissipated a lot, with some respect.Dusk gradually came down, patter of light rain dripping down, standing in the linjing satrap house, looked up at the gloomy sky, d some tired sigh, let the rain fall on him.Rumble ~

"Hey, come here!" XiongKuoHai hey however a smile, a hold the handsome, suddenly dragged to his side, right hand held each other's neck, in each other's shrill howl, suddenly pull hard."Liang Hsing!" D wolf general eyes stare to liang xing, stare Liang Xing heart panic, is about to speak, d has shook his hand will throw the wolf teeth gun, heavy steel gun from d hand at the moment, speed unexpectedly no less than the arrow."He Man, you take people to stay to assist general zhou cang, the zhong yao, the general back first, sent to changan." Seibel looked at the direction of departure, wei also to zhou cang farewell.杨添茸胸围|"Here!" Jun hou and most general officer also don't have an idea at the moment, can only listen to zhong yao, a line of people at the moment, toward the west.

杨添茸胸围|The Baishui River is not wide, About four or five feet away, But the water was fast, It's almost impossible to cross a pontoon bridge, Although not as good as the changjiang river, but in enough danger, in this era of technological power, the storm is never feasible, only a stone bridge, although spacious, but stone bridge on both sides, diao dou, and there is a YuanMen, baishui qiang will this YuanMen as gates to build, although there is no wall, but the point of attack is only one, more solid than the gates."West cool army left, the million people, how much can be left?" Seibel frown way, then to lyu3 bu4 hand: "master, although our cavalry less than each other's number, but speaking of elite degree, the world is unsurpassed, can life cavalry harassing the enemy grain road, can make forty thousand west cool army.""Hurry, rally that men, and lead me!" Cao peng said nothing, immediately turned around and went to the gate.

At this point, a captain came in and bowed down and said, "General, General Zhang Liao sent for one thousand horses."But as lyu3 bu4 said, if you don't fight this one, the moon people will sooner or later be expelled from hetao, the huns, or even the extinction of the clan, if a fight, may be able to fight out a great future, but he is not a gambler, this one decision, related to the survival of the whole tribe, a time, some wavering."Khan, our messenger has been sent, believe it won't be long, the army will return, then, will let the han people have come back, confess for today's sin against me the huns!" A xiongnu general looked at restless call kitchen spring, exhorted.杨添茸胸围|




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