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锂电池隔膜上市公司丰波之星"Master, the last batch of trench has been on the road, we should also go." Chen Xing came to lyu3 bu4 on horseback."Your excellency, you go first, and I will break it!" Seeing the army surging behind, troops began to chaos, zhong yao although fierce, but after all is not a general, marching is not in line, with He Man with the ambush, troops immediately appeared chaos, accompanied by the general immediately let zhong yao with the army to withdraw, his stay after the break.Refugees continue to migrate, But lyu3 bu4 did not continue with the army, After confirming that a plan should be implemented, He took the cavalry straight into changan, meet seibel, now presided over the guide refugees, is zhang liao and tube hai, according to this progress, I believe can catch up with this year's spring ploughing, as long as the summer, stay the first batch of hay harvested in autumn, oneself in the land of the Beijing sign, also calculate to completely stand heels.

"Khan, our messenger has been sent, believe it won't be long, the army will return, then, will let the han people have come back, confess for today's sin against me the huns!" A xiongnu general looked at restless call kitchen spring, exhorted.Turning his head to Chen Xing, he said, "There is nothing to be expected here. You can quickly bring people back to defend themselves. After this defeat, D-chao will probably urge his candidate to enter the army."With Zhang Xiu a sharp drink, the war finally ripped open the bloody curtain.锂电池隔膜上市公司"The girl came to me, but was entrusted by Wen Ho." Lyu3 bu4 sitting on the horse, straight up, with a little surprised to see the whole body will be included in the armor of the woman, woman will, in this era, lyu3 bu4 only know the ravaged by the south pretty lady.

锂电池隔膜上市公司Hande blushed and shot his chest violently. "The Lord takes a break to look down on people," he said. "I haven't seen a more beautiful woman since I was about to have a baby at the end of my life.""Your excellency?" Accompanying the general also found something wrong, twist a head to zhong yao.But time is the fairest thing in the world, and even the most gifted man can't stand up to it.

At, freeze smell speech, face can not help but a change, subconsciously looked at cao cao."Hey hey, this is good, can my old male also attend?" Xiongkuo sea smell speech eyes a bright, hey smile way: "I to now, or a bachelor."Baling, wei camp.锂电池隔膜上市公司




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