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n9门理美水晶一梳黑"It is about time. In these days, you will secretly mobilize the troops and horses."Zhang fei complexion some ugly come in, but see zhuge liang is on the map fidgeting with what, the heart can not help have spirit, exasperated way: "strategist, this central plains war has been nearly half a year, the eldest brother and the second elder brother they are in the front line fight for life and death, we are here do not move, you say, want to attack shu? Why haven't they done it yet?""Keep your voice down. I'll tell you the truth." Zhuge liang shook the feather fan, but the way.

< / p > < p > yi quanguo, sun jing with sun yi and a few close guard, gape at guan yu was so driven sheep general away, sun yi swallowed mouth water, see sun jingdao: "uncle, just what is that jar?"Zhang song looked at fazheng, his eyes flashed a killing machine, he did have a joint liu bei, give the idea of shu, this plan in his heart thought for a long time before making a decision."I have a plan, quickly prepare." Zhou yu shook his head emphatically.n9门"No." Zhang fei shook his head in dismay.

n9门"Father? Lv zheng saw the nighthawk leave and looked up to lu bu.Ye county defenders chase, nighthawk war while back, the absence of cavalry, even as a burdensome as separate, ye county defenders want to catch up with the nighthawk also needs to be honed, shot again dozen brothers in arms, after ye county of garrison finally gave up the chase, watched the murderers to kill off with it, flew up the body away."Well, the battle on cao cao's side has begun, and liu bei's side is expected to arrive soon. Lyu3 bu4 with the wave, it's a question of awareness, in fact this two years, especially in the last year, zhang liao, zhaoyun, d three together in less than half time hurt me, cut Zang bully, fall after the forbidden land of spent all of jizhou, this complacency emotions is not only in the military, even folk also started to slack off, sometimes, the progress of human science and technology culture, tend to be brought about by the pressure.

"But there are so many beacon towers along the river. Even if zhou yu were to attack us, we would know in advance. Zhang fei dissatisfied look at zhuge liang way.Two horses and the stirrup, wrong owner.on back to back, although waltman bowed their heads in time, the head cap helmets are Huang Zhongyi cutting knife, to see many people secretly tidy this strength, even if it is only live on, if I am afraid, knock on people, at this point, many people are surprised to see the huang zhong, the old died although looks very old, but the skills but not poor.n9门




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