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被啪的最爽的一次过程|金得利手表多少钱"Oh?" D eyes a bright: "martial arts outstanding, then I will go to meet him for a while!"Will hand on the ink stone, giffin leisurely stretch a lazy waist, as long as harmony cool situation is stable, not up, now more concerned about, or master in xianbei, without the red hare and party day painting ji, only with a longbow, whether there is the ability to look at the world?As xianbei king's court, a long time ago, once did the huns king's court, the terrain is very dangerous, easy to keep difficult to attack.

However, bypass Yinshan, in addition to deep grassland, there is zero one way, that is, from Hetao into the north, so that calculated, three days can bypass Yinshan, and, since know the news here can't hide Kirby can, lyu3 bu4 from the beginning, didn't plan to go according to plan."Really?" Xiongkuo sea scratched his head: "master, why don't we go hunting, distracted."Three hundred hussars followed behind lyu3 bu4, a pair of eyes, flashing bloodthirsty light, they have not tasted the taste of blood for a long time, at the moment of the hussars camp, like a head hidden in the dark greedy wolf, showing bloodthirsty fangs to the prey.被啪的最爽的一次过程|In the memory of the predecessor, in fact, in the process of leaving changan, all the way to xuzhou, lyu3 bu4 actually has the opportunity to stand on his own feet in bing, when the satrap of the upper party made public, but also took the initiative to invite lyu3 bu4, unfortunately, lyu3 bu4 refused.

被啪的最爽的一次过程|"Are you glad to see me, you fellow, or are you so glad to see the grass?" Lyu3 bu4 shook his head, from the legs with a metallic feeling will be removed from a bamboo tube, from the bamboo tube out of a piece of Bai Juan."Since our army is not good at siege, will the zhang he military forces led out of the wild goose gate, wipe out the enemy in the wild!" Ma Chao-lang sounded: "Showing weakness, Ma Dai or Ma Tie led the army to drown in battle, cheat defeat back, led the enemy out of the city, and then set up a heavy army and wipe it out!"Bing, wild goose gate county, mayi.

Attorney General!This person, if left, even if he played again miserably, also will eventually have a day to stand up again, xianbei characters now emerge, kirby can in lyu3 bu4 heart, is the biggest threat, there is this person in, xianbei will one day be unified by him, more powerful, this is lyu3 bu4 absolutely don't want to see things."At the end of the day!" Pound, Liao Hua two people smell speech bow way.被啪的最爽的一次过程|




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