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中外船都故事丰挺汤副作用After all, this was a private matter for lu bu, and they could not evaluate it."Hou ye was very kind and considerate." Lu xun walked beside lu bu."Lord hui, there is no other face holy." Tiger guard leader bow way.

On the wall of the city, looking at the eight thousand troops in less than half an hour of kung fu was defeated, the face became pale, south zheng's defenders, but the entire hanzhong most elite soldiers, in such a short time by the enemy completely defeated! Although the enemy did not continue to attack, but quietly stood outside the city, waiting for the time to pass."This is not true. The lower officials are bent on serving the country without any selfish motives. It is just something extraordinary. I bowed.The lady sees zhang lu complexion is ugly, dare not say again, zhang lu is perturbed, simply rise to go to a study.中外船都故事"To persuade? Why persuade? Promise him." Zhou yu laughed.

中外船都故事"I... "Zhang lu looked at the waving of the flag of zhang zhang, zhang opened his mouth, for a time can not say words, never seen such a horizontal to persuade surrender."What else?" Lv bu accident to see xiangyang fu, not jiangdong emissary, difficult cao cao sent people to?On the flag that wave, a dou big zhao word lets yu ban understand the identity of bearer, lyu3 bu4's that sweep across liaodong, horse treads wu huan's general, zhaoyun!This is better than sun hae-chan more difficult to deal with characters, closed in ban see YuanMen soldiers were shot dead, intensive JianCu is almost uninterrupted toward the barracks shrouded come over, not as cunning as gan ning, but pressure to jun out of breath, watching each other close, in the sad found, whether this kind of style or zhaoyun play, there is no way to yourself, for your more sadly, seems that he was through.

"Roar ~" zang ba gave a despairing roar, stared, and died."Your lordship speaks very strongly." Behind the curtain, gurgle music, do not hear a bit of fluctuation, light voice spread: "line have line rules, good at asking state affairs, it is taboo, others can touch, but we, must not touch!""The one headed by the north is the Lord's son, lv zheng. The others are sons of generals." Yang fu explained with a smile.中外船都故事




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