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古今中外船网山西信达地产Zhao's house for a moment in silence, as your frost queen, was able to in the grasslands of the orchid zhan, nature is very beautiful, but it is not beauty that lyu3 bu4 wenwu collective voice under the help, really amazing, is this should be proud of her majesty the queen, was blocked the mouth, it is no wonder that the color eye generals so arrogant, as a queen, but no said."Well!" < / p > < p > xia houyuan wenyangran received life."Shi yuan, yuan zhi, this zhuge ge kong Ming also from sima hui door, with er etc. Also calculate classmate, you 2 people this person familiar not?" Lv bu looked at pang tong and xu shu.

Before the battle of guandu, cao cao began to lay out jingxiang in secret. Now, after many years of arrangement, the whole court was empty. Without mentioning cao cao, they were all somewhat upset."Oh?"'what? Lv bu turned his head and looked at lanzhan, his eyes gradually becoming sharp: "your queen frost, this can not be nonsense."古今中外船网Wei yan threw away Yang ren and looked at the hanzhong soldiers who had been stripped of their weapons. He said sharply, "take off your armor and other armor!"

古今中外船网< / p > < p > xia houyuan tired looked at the door bo one eye, no more words, straight with the horse into the city, early in the morning xu chang street pedestrians are not too much, looking at some cold and quiet, xia houyuan did not stay, straight with people to si kongfu and go.Lu xun and gu shao nodded their heads. Xiongkuo hai followed lu bu for many years and was one of the fierce generals under his command. He fought xu chu, zhang fei and guan yu, and now he is also famous as one of the most powerful generals in the world."Newspaper ~" a elongated voice, a covered with blood soldiers rushed in, kneeling in front of CAI MAO body, sad and shrill way: "general, the event is not good, in the governance of malang suddenly with people attacked the east gate, opened the gate, the enemy will have zhang fei with horses into the city!

"Consigliere, why don't we break into the city?" Huang zhong stood at zhuge liang's side, puzzled and asked, the gate has been opened, but this is a good opportunity, zhuge liang let huang zhong just wave the flag and cry, but not to attack the city, which makes huang zhong is very difficult to understand."Go down, there will be a task, the criminal law suspended, until the task is completed. Lv bu waved his hand, and the nighthawk retreated in accordance with the language.Is not kuai more do, has not been important, but the CAI and kuai home of this hatred is completely formed, he wanted to destroy the kuai home, kuai home also want to CAI home uprooted, the final result, but it is mutually destructive, the former four families decline, this is probably liu bei most want the result?古今中外船网




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