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推背图预言毛主席|伊香初蕊"This does not matter beforehand, knowable that river east emissary this to chang 'an, what on earth be?" Lyu3 bu4 shook his head, this matter oneself beyond one's reach, and can't measure factor too much, this woman ranjan other ability have no, but the ability that lie face not change color is to practice come out.The other party can say these things, no matter how to say, this matter is also a branch meeting lv bu 1.If the Yangtze river waves as the waves of the sea, on the Yangtze river, keel boat are not necessarily better than today's ancient warships protected whith cowhide ships have much advantage, but if by sea, whether security or stability, or load, keel warships are multiplied.

Compared to lu bu this time move, Chen GUI's death while in many celebrities feel angry, again only when they are ready for lyu3 bu4 criticism, found that many people have no language, they can think of abuse and disapproval, long time ago has been all used, lyu3 bu4 poses no impact at all.As jizhou zhang liao sent troops to ye city, cao cao, who was busy restoring internal affairs and local civil administration, suddenly became as big as a battle. The battle report ahead had not yet come."General rao life, I wish to surrender!" Seeing the situation in the city gradually clear, many of the soldiers have knelt down to wei yan surrender.推背图预言毛主席|This is the same xia houyuan doubt, zhang liao is lu bu's general, before also had more than one confrontation, know that this person's strategy and strategy is not good, can not commit such a stupid mistake, not only the issue of food, and the upper stream of the barracks how he should be responsible for contact.

推背图预言毛主席|"No." Fu wan smiled and said: "although lu bu is strong, but stubborn, not respect the court, tamper with the law, hazing the family, the world princes, all hate its guts, but because of mutual suspicion, dare not move, let it grow, the minister has a plan, can make the world princes all abandon the past, a total attack lu bu!"After all, this is the time to show the power of the country, but also to show the two sides of the ambassador of a kind of attention.Pang tong didn't refute, because this is a fact, the two are not the kind of person who is too modest and polite or two went, too much two people will feel uncomfortable, immediately face one's way: "breached YangPingGuan is only the first step, you and me the marching with hay, military forces and only six thousand, when as soon as possible to push the front to the south at the gates, zheng britons can't give too much chance to reaction, a long period of time, Zhang Lubi around horses defense in hanzhong city, will recall the general rest a night, tomorrow I will to you nan zheng, britons who is not a lean, just bullying, in to love, will make it without a fight."

At the beginning, lyu3 bu4 in chang 'an economy unceasing prosperity, and succeeded in the way of economic control will be the western region more than a dozen countries together take over, then proposed to infiltrate the central plains in the same way, finally with bloodless way to unify the central plains."It is the frost emissary." Yang fu hesitated for a moment, bow to lv bu way: "I do not know the Lord had broken xianbei wang court, can have contaminated a woman of your frost?"As a vassal, zhang lu was probably the most comfortable of the several vassal families in the world. Hanzhong was a narrow and difficult place, and zhang lu himself was not too ambitious.推背图预言毛主席|




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