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谢颖颖凸点照片|藏密双宝In fact, not only liu bei, after lyu3 bu4 the average-land system under unprecedented achievements, cao cao, sun quan and milan are consciously curl land, although there is no introduced showed average-land system, but a similar system appeared many, of course, is very careful, because this is an issue hit family roots, carelessly, there is a risk over the edge, so cao cao and sun quan, in this respect is very carefully, every step even afraid, would rather not do no risk.After swearing bitterly in his heart as the women drew nearer, ford took a knife from his waist and thrust it into the horse's hip."Crossing the river? Lv meng was surprised to see zhou yu: "but the beacon tower... "

The principle is not hard to guess!"Lost?" Zhou yu looked at zhou an and shook his head. "you cannot lose. If you lose, there is no need to go back."Honking! Seibel glanced at by jun bodies, there are two thousand of his sword and shield, let out a sigh in the heart, look at the direction of the jun, the men of the manipulation of the broken crossbows power are used up and down again and casualties will aggravate, dynamic jun has lost momentum, the power of this new weapons tried again, already did not need to continue here with jun screwing.谢颖颖凸点照片|"Bang bang bang ~"

谢颖颖凸点照片|Seibel crossbow of the shield to continue watching cars and bed, with a snort of cold, broken crossbows, though not like the ares crossbow trouble, but the loading was slower than ordinary bolt, fill in time, and adjust the bearing time, each other enough to reach the step distance, looked at the car, seibel sneer at 1, cao cao in recent years, there is no less research tactics on how to break their military forces."Pick up these shields for me! Xia houyuan took a look at the shield on the ground, the eye moves, the reason why gaishun dare to have no scruple to put the arrow, is because his soldiers have the shield shelter, the penetrating power of the bolt can not shoot through the shield.Hundreds of rockets that had already been prepared rose into the air and landed on top of dozens of crossbows before the enemy could react.

"General, look." "What's that?Wei the smell speech, hurriedly got on the battlements, looking at the gates, but see the fault commissioner, open Spaces on the ground, suddenly to a pile of wooden monster, the story of big let people simply can't see the wood shell below the picture, but from the point of walking leg, here is a person, just look from the rostrum in the past, just as each mobile giant beetles, fast forward, the highlights on the giant beetles should be the location of the mouth a sharpened stakes.Hit now, cao cao to break the luoyang is no longer what hopes, but he needed a victory to exciting, however, especially in important regalia, cao cao need a victory to deter the warlord, consolidate their political status, and morale, tell everybody, lyu3 bu4 is not invincible, at any cost!谢颖颖凸点照片|




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