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雨宫琴音 作品|淮南市职业教育中心Just if you don't go in, before the clamor so fierce, but now back off, that is too humiliating."Want to hear what my father said about you?" See ma face cloudy and sunny, lyu3 zheng also don't care, but asked with a smile."Xie general exemption!" Wang Shuang waved, behind the five hundred guanzhong elite quickly scattered, will be around to occupy.

"Fool, less master from the beginning has insight into your conspiracy, after today's change of guard, has begun to decorate, your military forces, but a head into less master laid a trap!" Formula disdain way.Compared with the central plains around the beacon fire everywhere, luoyang as the former capital, has been destroyed by the fire once, but at this time seems to radiate a new vitality.雨宫琴音 作品|Li yan shook his head, some heavy in the heart, for the past six days, pound did not send troops, is not to think of a way to deal with the trenches? Just want to break the head, li yan also can't think of each other at a time exactly what to do?

雨宫琴音 作品|He is a mediocre man who is not envy, As I was told, Not afraid of people scold, afraid of no one scold, a society, if there is only one voice, that is an abnormal thing, of course, these people can't be used to, some pertinent opinions lyu3 bu4 will collect, but some people scold for scold, sorry, this life wealth, career even with you, don't tell me what you are.Sun Quan smell speech, Painfully closed his eyes, liu bei to attack, cao cao again in LuJiang LiMa LiBing, wanted to land the first world war with guan yu, not necessarily without a chance of victory, but at the moment, with cao cao, danyang fifty thousand military forces will not be able to move lightly, but in this way, under the two sides of the attack, the force is insufficient jiangdong, how to withstand the double pressure from cao cao cao and liu bei?"General, I can't run, general horse fast, can take a step, while there is some strength, I wait for the general hold jiangdong usurper, the next day, and revenge for me!" A general said with a wry smile.

Guan yu on the tower, heard the attack on the south suddenly increased, not from sneer at a track: "tracing the cause of children, no more than so, life in the city of troops on the south side of the city to help!""In the battle of Changping, when Chao Kuo was starved of grain and straw, he was able to sustain himself for 46 days. Can you do that?" Lu Zheng glanced at Ma Su. When he saw Ma Su not speaking, he shook his head and said, "Don't say it's you. I can't either."A group of savage troops roared out of the mountains and woods, shouting weiyan don't understand the strange tune, armed with bow and arrow knife and gun, against the rattan shield toward wei.雨宫琴音 作品|




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